Your defender againstfake traffic
Your defender againstfake traffic
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Protect your marketing budget

Stop wasting money on ad fraud. Analyse your marketing campaigns, exclude the fake traffic easily. Get reports about invalid clicks on each traffic channel and re-invest those money.

Clickfraud loss
Fake traffic

Take business decisions based on real data

Do you take data driven business decisions? Bots mess up analytics, so start using website protection and move your business to more effective results.

Outperform your competitors

Block your competitors from clicking out your ads. Take better business decisions based on real data and real users behaviour.

40% of website traffic is non-human traffic
humans and bots globe
How it works

Powerful technology

in cooperation with the best AI engineers backed by the academic world
The highest class of fraud detection
Behavioral biometrics
Advanced red flag system
Artificial neural network
NLP (Natural language processing)
AI graph
What we do

Do you know?

There are 3 types of traffic on your website:
Bad bots
Bad Bots

Bots detection will save your marketing budget and improve performance on your website.


Humans detection will help you to optimize your marketing strategy and use its potential to the maximum.

Low quality traffic
Low quality traffic

Low quality traffic detection will show you on which traffic channels you are wasting time and money.

Protect your website from bad bots

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Register account
Add Domain and script
Meet your solution

New approach to data analysis


Analysis of traffic never was so precise

Travatar indicates the most efficient marketing channels to let business grow in the most successful way. It separates bot-generated data from human-generated data. Following that, the business KPIs reflect as it’s actual state.

Our engagement

Your benefits

Save marketing budget

Stop bots and competitors from clicking on your ads

Control your competition

Stop your competitors from monitoring your pricing stategy

Work on real data

Make the right business decisions based on real data

Select best traffic sources

Analyze and select the most profitable channels for reaching customers

Protect your business

Stop hackers from stealing your data, hijacking customer accounts, and making fraudulent payments

Track multiple campaigns

Create campaigns and monitor their effectiveness, conversions, funnel and other metrics

What people say about us

Business proofs


I have to say it’s the best ad protection software I’ve ever used. It’s easy to use and it’s also very effective. I highly recommend it.

Robert Pores CEO

I’ve tried many others but this is the only one that really works. I’ve never had a problem with it and it’s easy to use. I’d recommend it to anyone.

Jon Albert CMO

I’ve been using Travatar for a while now and I’m very happy with it. It’s the best ad protection software I’ve ever used. I’ve tried several others but none of them were as effective as Travatar.

Kelly Mintes Marketing specialist
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Ready for your website's fake traffic risk assessment?
Ready for your website's fake traffic risk assessment?

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